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John Sandin is a cofounder of LARD and Zedrovision webmaster. See the LARD History/Discography page for his LARD efforts.

Here are a few of his solo works:

Zarzamora (1998)
Gentle Beard (1998)
Golconda (1999)
Elagabal (1998)
Timeline (2001)
Mold And Fear (2001)*
Trill (2002)
Fight Cancer (2005)
Bathroom Copy (2005)
Yek Ecwy (2008)
Giuffre Water (2011)
*Title courtesy of Robert Frohoff.

Solo work as currently packaged, 1998-present:

Sonny Solo 1998-2000 (2000)
Son Of Sonny Solo 2002 (2002)
Junk Fax (2005)
The Fammally (2009)
A Gold-Looking Trumpit (2011)

John Sandin KC0QWE