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Unsound Magazine Vol. 1, No. 5 (1984; San Francisco, CA, USA)

Not sure what to make of this one...has all the markings of a generic industrial release but when it's slapped on there's a turgent, swirling, banging sound that picks up into footsteps on gravel. This music is not like anything else..They claim that LARD serves the same function as a light or a clock. They also claim that their next tape, 'Ball Of LARD', will be out soon.

- Dogtowne

Sound Choice Magazine No. 5 (Fall 1986; Ojai, CA, USA)

Heavy industry electronics ordered by compulsive drumming. Insistent assembly-line sonic nightmare, punctuated (and punctured) by duck cries and blats. String bass telegrams pumped in a out of meticulously orchestrated clutter and clatter. "Kiss Me" is a sound-poem of dollhouse menace using looped toy-talk; mini "Twilight Zone" operetta. "Our New Home" on side one qualifies as Lard's "lyric" side, a repeated flute-like figure joined in melancholy by drum and bass. Side two of the tape is devoted to "Church Of Daisies", Lard's pious tone-poem for bass drum, uclassifiable electronics, and gnashing organ or accordion or askew harmonium. Obsessively dissonant chords relieved by pointillistic single notes. It would be nasty to play this magnum opus for your favorite house plants. At this stage, Lard tends to overstate their musical ideas with message over-kill, also echoes of other artists work. Old news is no news. Let's say Lard's genre, for now, is Trad Avante Garde, a nostalgia band.

- David Meltzer